Restored martini renault

I found one recently to replace mine from 81.
I miss the days when supermarkets didn't open on Sunday. Oh those empty carparks were a bit blissful to drive round.
I can't drive mine (with all the Hop Ups). I can't afford another body for it

Andy D.

Thanks Re-bugged (that could be your real name, I don't know) . There are still a few tiny jobs that need doing on it. I have a metal tow hitch to go on the rear hull plate and I need to finish the mantlet cover. I might get a motor/ gearbox conversion one-day, it has a brand new.Tamiya gearbox, apparently it was the last one available to me at the time. I'm fussy when it comes to being as exact as possible. So it will probably never be finished.

The actual buggy on which tamiya based the rough rider

I just messed my pants because of the last picture.

Ayk/tamiya love child
Andy D.

A side note: this took place in 1987.

Number 9

Very nice. Wish I had all my old cars from way back. I got caught with a mortgage in the late 80s and had to sell off all but two. Been a long slog replacing them.