Volvo 850

Thanks for the comments. Crash Cramer: my 1:1 850 isn't worth taking pictures of. It's a blue 1996 estate with a dull 10 valve engine. But keeps on riding. Over 360000 km now.

Lancia rally 037 - sold

Thanks! Tires are stock. Rims as well but were damaged. So I trimmed the little ledge on the outside. It's not a perfect resto, but spares / parts are rare indeed... You could go for a Brat based version en try to find a re-release bodyset.

And it was called yellow - hpi body on m-02 chassis

Thanks guys. Backing it was probably better, its a bit translucent as well. Skottoman: your RSR looks great! A long way to go for me.

And it was called yellow - hpi body on m-02 chassis

About the tape. I ordered the kyosho micron line at Never ordered there before, but looked reliable. Let you know when I got it. Or not...

M06 - rear engined hpi porsche

This one is great! Lot's of inspiration for my builds. Thanks.

Custom ford f150

The color I used is tamiya AS-8, with a clear topcoat. Yes I did shorten te shaft. It's an 5mm alloy TA-01 shaft from GPM. Held together with a tight flexible tube. Gives enough friction to deal with the torque on the axle.

Hpi #102074 martini porsche carrera rsr 2.8 (1973) = photo shoot #1

Very nice car and interior. I like the low angle shots. Did you get the Tamiya version with the 251mm wheelbase? Looking forward to see it next to this one.

Tamiya wide body capri

Looks cool indeed. Haven't seen a finished 1/10 yet. But seeing this picture I think I am going to buy one and put it on an old TT-01.

It's a vemac..... ?

It's hard to find information about the car, but there is a Vemac company website and it looks like it has British roots / connections. Might explain the resemblance with the Lotus.

No one knows this car better than me.

Interesting scientific approach. There are indeed some imperfections in the Tamiya designs. I’m also a designer and due to evolutionary processes it is often hard to explain all the choices made in a design. Good to try to improve, even on the old Tamiya models. At this chassis you might have to add the triangular A10 part to your testmodel. I think it prevents the chassis from breaking at the red spots.
Do you think it is possible to structural test the complete model? With all the parts, weight, etc.?


Perfect audi rally

As you say.... perfect. Amazing build.
Only one thing missing: the driver. Do you have one?

Project number 2

Wha! A hairy Grasshopper!

Two in one

Thanks, I am really happy with both of them. Two totally different cars. The holiday buggy feels and looks solid like a proper rc car. The Cheetah is almost a static model with an engine…. Super scale, but compliments to the guys who dare to run theirs.
As for the torsion bars I might give a try on 3d printing myself. It’s a rather simple shape (compared to a complete chassis…….) Would be a nice solution, without spending lot's of money.


Morning run - xanavi gt-r (r34)

Super wheel - body combi. Decals look fine. Those big body wrapping decals can be frustrating. I use the same recipe: soap, water, hair dryer on curves and ……… lots of patience.


Printed torsion bars

Thanks for your comments. Just having fun trying to get a decent solution. I will let you know if it is going to work. If so, I will make it available somehow. I don’t mind sharing the 3d file of this first try. Just let me know if you are interested.

I know it is possible to use the metal bars from the XR-311 re-release. It’s probably a better solution, but replacing the bars only is closest to the original and I like experimenting with this 3D-printing stuff. It’s interesting to find out when it’s useful or when it’s better to use ‘old’ techniques like carving something out of wood .


Flea bay find. new old stock,never fitted with radio or run

Great find! Take good care of this special car. I wonder how many more of these are hidden in attics around the world. What about a worldwide Tamiya house to house search?

Unimog rc 1/10

Good plan. Would make a great scaler.
I think I am going to buy a toy car for my son and daughter..... ;-)

Humvee iii (wip vii)

Top scale work!. Read some of your building stories this evening. Like the way you describe your builds. Looking forward to the next step on this one.


Mats fighter

Thanks for your comments! We will try to make some more action pics soon.

Kontemax: Many thanks for your advice on the painting. I guess the key is in using black to cover the orange and silver to go to white again. I’m sure this will help in future projects.

MAD-BEE : Sure has a high fun/costs factor. Saw your MadFighter. I like it. Black wheels look good on this car. The motor we use is a LRP generation X. Had this for while, but can’t find the exact specs. Brushed and I think it has 16x2turns.


Old school rc art

He guys, don’t be distracted by the blond hair. I could say it matches the golden shocks quit well and you might see some more resemblance between the woman and the car and therefore adds a nice extra layer to the picture...… But I think it is just a trick to collect some votes.

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