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Wow, either you have a tolerant wife/girlfriend, or your kids bunk together!

Full restoration
rad22rad Alloys

Hi Radeknice to meet you the other day, btw! How DO you do the tyres? Are they new on all your models, or do you have a secret restoration method? As always, a model to be proud of! Sorry to all others, but I haven't seen a better Sand Scorcher and to think THIS is a restore :-)

Where do i start

Take a Karcher jet wash to them ;-) Paul.


I like this idea, as I see Concorde as an important part of history. I wish it wasn't history, perhaps the first time we have gone backwards, technologically speaking. I am lucky enough to have flown on her (once, not return, to NYC) and she is a magical as anyone could imagine.

Limited edition black porsche 934 rsr sold !!
rad22rad Alloys

Once again, the best example in the club, once again, not a new build, but a restoration. Well done Radek! Paul.

Some donated pictures

Only a mother could love that face!

Subaru beach brat
rad22rad Alloys

I am proud and a little embarrassed! Proud because I am lucky to know Rad and his skills with restoration. Embarrassed because you should have seen the before pictures! It was a challenge, to be honest, I dared him, but once again he came out on top with this beauty. PS, Rad, I have a Scorcher in terrible condition just waiting for some TLC.... ;-) PPS, That Hilux I dared you with, waiting to see that with baited breath!

Probably the best nib sand scorcher in the world

That is a very good question! I rent property to a local hospital, they have an X-Ray machine.....;-)

Big brick !

I like it too, there are the silly jokes about Bigpig, but actually I used to own a Boomerang when this came out, no slouch in its day in the right hands and next to this it looked older and slower. The styling was really advanced for its day too. Nice example!

Too many bits lying around , had to build one .

I am just doing some research on the cars I drove and envied at school, this was an often seen one in the school gardens. I really liked it, pleased to see someone building it property, because I think they look nice (maybe it is just nostalgia talking!)

I really like this car. many hop ups, will run soon...

Thanks for the suggestions guys, this car hasn't been run yet, so in fact the damper just seemed inadequate in theory! Maybe the motor is too hot for this, but I like putting Super Modifieds in my cars. I have loads of these which I bought when they stopped making them for little money and find them a great motor. I will be putting one in a Brat soon, to see if it does wheelies.


Very nice car, tempts me to take one of my NIBs out and build it. I think I will do that tonight.....;-) Paul.

Ranger xlt custom 22 film star.
rad22rad Alloys

I want it back. NOW!!! I have to admit, I didn't think you would manage, but you did! It was me that stripped the chrome, accidentally. I was in a hurry to remove the paint and sprayed the whole thing with Mr Muscle, which beautifully stripped off the paint, but also the chrome, I almost cried! I actually prefer the grill in black now.... Just to let you know, I won't do any more trades with you, Radek, it is just to depressing ;-)

Mr merc

Nice kit, it got there super fast! Just so you know, my membership name here is loaded! pauljking is my eBay handle. All the best, nice to do business. PS I agree it is the nicest looking. It is is also light and simple. As the founder of Lotus once said, 'Simplify and add lightness'

Super champ madness

I actually intend on building two. I haven't checked the rules recently, but someone is deleting my stacks of boxes. Stop it please. Worry about other things, like the fact that if uploading more than one model at a time, the system fails and the model is default TNX!

Some rangers

Like your comment, you may be right. It was always considered a poor man's Hilux and it may well have been that Tamiya decided to make it an accessible truck. Of course, we can't get too bogged down with boxart!!

Ok, so now i love the avante as well :-)

At this time, none of my models are for sale, unless otherwise specified. Thanks.

Bigwigs are not too popular. but i like them :-)

Hey Rad, only another 472 to go. Only you and I know I am not kidding lol!

Absolutely perfect. acquired from the best in the business

It is cared for in a nice collection!

A one off, by a one off

It has been in the dark for too long! How long was it, a year? Anyway, looking forward to seeing you again soon. Don't go trading with anyone else!

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