San-s tamiya rc buggy collection

I used the wire out of gardening wire. Strip off the outer green pvc type coating, drill two small holes under two of the wheels, loop the wire through and round each axle and twist behind. It means that if I need to remove them I can without any damage being sustained

Venom gpv-1 rc bike

It came RTR so it came in standard guise with FRP chassis plates, 3 channel radio, battery and charger.

Guide books - various years

I was hoping for English versions, but they all seem to be in Japanese except for the quarterly versions

Master modeler

I bought this and took it on holiday with me. I could not put it down as it was so interesting. They are pricey, but worth it

Blue buggy champ body

Cool. Looks just like my blue one. Jason's service is always excellent

X2 from stella

Kit 1 blister behind motor is split, I guess I was so excited I did not notice.. Seems as though the blister is so thin that the weight of the motor is punching a hole. Still a very happy chappy though

Not one but two!!

Whoa!!!😳, 351 hits in less than twenty four hours, that beats my f350 when it was featured on the home page (that was quite a while ago).

First in the uk? many thanks stellamodels

Just had a quick look at the shipping box. Stella have cut out the Tamiya logos and product detail stickers so there is no reference as to what is inside - probably why it came through customs


Finally complete. I cannot take credit for the Bodyshell, purchased from ebay, has a customshack sticker on the rear window. Full MFU treatment, Junfac suspension conversion, Gmade wheels/tyres. One for the shelf (definitely considering the cost).

Second with highly detailed body shell

Thanks. I cannot take credit for the painting skills, I bought the shell as you see it. It is very detailed, there is just no way I could have achieved these sorts of results

Second with highly detailed body shell

Maybe someone here recognises their own work?

Old fotos from a trip to uk

Looks like these photos are from your visit to Beaulieu National Motor Museum in the New Forest, Hampshire. Well worth a visit if you like seeing rare cars, great day out

New built, soon to be run....

Thanks. It is currently 'living in a box' as it is too big to display in my current den. I have not looked at it since taking these pics two years ago. I have a second NIB so I have spares for when I run it

My replica avante black special
Faithful Life Models

I spot an Avante 2001 in Black Special decals. This is something I was considering when restoring my 2001 as I had some spare Black decals, but eventually relented and spent some cash on original ones. Good to see that the decals work well on a 2001 shell


Crash, I painted a spare Perry as I have a NIB Vajra kit that I am going to convert to an Avante. Some of my models have been relegated to the desk (hotshot 2, Durga and Baldre) to make space for these four. I could do with a new cabinet but I have no more room for one :-(


Thanks for all your kind comments. I think I may have to take some more group shots, but that will have to wait until I have cleared up in there. It was tidy until I dragged all my spares out to see what I could sell to raise cash for an Egress rerelease. Only trouble is I find it difficult to part with anything!!


Hi z00ter, the cabinets came from Argos of all places, but that was quite a few years ago. I had to get some extra glass shelves made up as each cabinet only came with three. The first pic I have of the cabinets is in my showroom, added Jan 2008.

Tamiya 1/100 mini cars 13001 to 13006

Hi Crash. No, I did not get round to opening all of these but I did open a duplicate Egress version. They are pretty fast (there is a photo of it in my display case somewhere in my showroom)

Mini-z optima

Now that is cool

First in the uk from stellamodels

Thanks moffman. This one 'sailed' straight through customs, had it not I suspect it would have cost close to the UK price anyway, despite Stellas great price. I hope yours/some more land soon

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