The hornet, my second first

Thank you guys for the warm welcome! @mtbkym01 exactly :D
Sorry for the technical issues, LOL it took me almost 24 hrs and lots of editing to be able to upload my post and pictures properly. Still haven't managed to include pics in the text rather than under (instruction are clear, but the result isn't) but I hope I'll figure it out in my next posts. This site takes some getting used to, doesn't it? ;)

@Dirt-540 glad you appreciate the words and not only the pictures. I have other six models and I intend to post them all as soon as I can, rest assured they'll all come with plenty of descriptions and action pictures. I don't have any social network, smfor once that I 'share' somathing I'd like to do it right!

By the way, I LOVE your work. I followed what you posted in the past few months and was impressed. I just wasn't able to comment before but now I'll get to it!

Competition entry: ''plans''

Thank you everybody, sorry for the long delay in answering but I'm still trying to figure this site out, how it works and all ??
My comp entry is about that but it only means a firm intention for now, hopefully more than that soon ?????

Built & on display!

Gotta love the mini4WDs!! When I was a kid, they were all my life! Nice little collection mate :D

Big boss by kyosho, my first rc

Thanks a lot guys for the kind words, I'm glad you like the photos and the little story :)

Buggy champ

Looks stunning!! Congrats!

Xr311 2 (wip)

Nice looking Cheetah and driver! Loving the details, especially the smoke!!

Fun in the snow

Gotta love the Hornet! Guaranteed fun on any surface

Kyosho landjump integra (after)

Great story that shows the passion and effort you put in this rare buggy. The result is nothing short of piece of art, you've really done an outstanding job. I love the pictures too, they showcase the model perfectly. Congrats, it's a jewel!

Lancia s4 project (after)

This is out of control. I can't believe the devel of detail in this car, but most of all the stance is spot on! You have incredible skills, thanks for putting them to use on a Lancia shell and for sharing the result. Literally AWE inspiring

Audi quattro ii (after)

I don't even know where to start. It's SO gorgeous that it's hard to put into words, and that warm light in the cockpit is the proverbial icing on the cake. I would give it 11 out of 10, this car's level, details and overall awesomeness are unmatched. BRAVO!!!

Humvee iii (after)

Impressive work and absolutely stunning result! Congrats for your skills and for using them so well!!

Bright manta ray

Thank you guys, I appreciate the comments and am glad you like the pictures! The harsest part of a post for me is to select 'only' 20 photos, one would think more than enough, but when you have tons of action shots it gets really hard to choose! Took me half an hour to write the post, but over three days to finally narrow down the pic selection to 20. I guess I can always make another entry with more action shots later on :)
I'm glad to be part of the club, thanks again for the kind words

Losi lmt monster truck

Looks great!

Dark impact ( df03 chassis )

Sharp looking buggy mate, and super cool photos! Not bad at all for being on the more 'modern' side of buggies, also it must be a lot of fun to drive. Hope you'll enjoy it!!

Back to basics for some beach fun!!

Looks like the perfect recipe for some simple genuine real FUN!! Dream location for RC my friend! I remember running the Hornet on packed wet sand last tear, great priceless sensation worth every grain of sand inside the car!!
Always good to see the cars enjoyed the way they were meant to be :)

Team mates

It's stunnings, congrats! Both white and black wheels look good and the car seems ready to rip! I hope you'll have a lot of fun with it

Lancia delta integrale

Great duo indeed, the 'Deltone' at its finest. I agree, an action video of both cars would be interesting!

New project - inspired by scollins :)

Wow, looks great!

Fresh new bodyshell

My friend, this is simply Glorious!! Great idea and execution, and superb skills!
I'm sure this will be an inspiration for every Sand Scorcher lover.
I appreciate every little detail, fantastic work seriously ????

Kyosho scorcher

Great idea and superb execution on this one! Looks menacing, and must be a lot of fun to drive.

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