My first ever tamiya kit!

Only completed one quick test run so far on the 15T pinion, and the GPS read 24mph, which is a decent bump. It was only a light gravel car park so hard to tell what the shorter shocks have added but cornering under braking was tighter. Haven't given it a good off-road test yet, or tried the 17T pinion!

Team martini racing four shock boomerang

Thanks for the feedback guys! I do love the lines of the Boomerang, it lends itself well to this F1 tribute. Looking forward to taking it out for a spin, though might consider another shell with a more generic paint job first!!

Team martini racing four shock boomerang

Thanks! I bought the wheels brand new from Modelsport a few weeks back, so I doubt they're original...although I guess that depends how far back you're going!! Slight hitch is that they have quite a thick hub, so in combination with the 6mm Tamiya Locking Hex Hubs, there's insufficient axle thread available for the locking wheel nuts to properly bind. One of the rear wheels fell off while I was setting up the ESC, thankfully on a pit stand!! So I've tracked down some 4mm Tamiya Clamp Hex Hubs on eBay and am waiting for them to wend their way from Hong Kong....

Team martini racing four shock boomerang

Cheers! And yes, clocked that this afternoon when putting the thinner hex hubs on, all sorted now!

Audi quattro ii interior (wip)

That looks awesome!

Porsche 934 rsr baby blue 230mm edition

Thanks very much, and thanks for your prior inspiration. I've decided to do a build thread too to capture the specifics in more detail, which might be useful for future builders. And I WILL look into the Lancia bumper mod too, thanks!

Team martini racing four shock boomerang

Thanks very much! Yes, the gearboxes on the Bigwig and Boomerang (and Hotshot and Super Hotshot) are all the same parts tree (19115191) so are completely interchangeable. Go for it!

My tamiya nibs to build
HornetRacer 1971

Wow, what a journey you've got ahead of you! Also, thanks very much for providing an invaluable service...whenever the wife has a dig about my collection, or I start to wonder myself if I've gone overboard, I can open up this page and go 'hey, look, I'm nothing to worry about, take a look at THIS guy!!'

Newbuilt from 42103 ta05 ms chassis and individual new original parts

That looks amazing! Great job.
I recently bought a built-but-never-run 49400 shelf queen that I have dismantled ready to rebuild, also with different 26mm rims rather than the kit 24mm. Which front / rear offset worked for you with the MST rims?

Mini cooper m03 restorabuild

Well, I never drove it before I installed the braces so I can't provide a comparison, but it drives fine with them! And looks great too!

Bitsa supa astuta..

It's a beauty! But now I REALLY REALLY want an Acto Pink motor for mine!!!

Ta-04 ss toyota mr-s

That looks great! I just built an 04SS, its's lovely little chassis. Mine has an Audi TT body which I've painted but not stickered yet

Mercedes amg gt3 jps

Beautiful work, on what is one of Tamiya's best looking (current) shells

Lancia 037

It's all been said already...what amazing work, the detail is superb, those tail pipes are just great. I think this might be my favourite 037 yet, congratulations!