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#4 best ever seen hilux

MRC/tamiya would wrap them usually. MRC/tamiya would also attach decals with special offers to the box or plastic wrap. occasionally they would also Add a part to a kit. For the us market sometimes they would replace the stock 540 motor with a tamiya hopup motor and sometimes a MSC when not included in the original kit then they would put a decal on plastic wrap on the box making it a special edition with motor indication and a 3 step speed controller included. there was no us factory. MRC/tamiya was the american distributor for the product. they were located in Edision,NJ in the mid 1990s MRC and tamiya split. MRC stayed in NJ while Tamiya USA was born and relocated to California tamiya usa was tied to tamiya japan. so there wasn't any special re-wrapped additions, TamiyaUSA would inspect the japan shipments and wrap them for the USA market for distribution they would have scratch and dent specials are bust them for parts distribution.