New built from a nib

Hi DesPlinza. Beautiful job building it. It also takes some guts to build from NIB. Was thinking to do it do … but I’m not sure if I dare…
Also love the color you used for the spare gas tank strap… may I ask which color…?

Wild willy 2 20th anniversary

@nicherotors I admire you attention to detail and precision painting. Looks so sharp! Inspired my spray painting. Have to ask the Citadel colors you use on the strap do the offer something special ? As you prefer to use PS/AS paints? I swear to the same method. Tamiya offer several browns spray cans and brush paints.


Wild willy 2 20th anniversary

Thanks @nicherotors. Combo is near perfect. The Jerry Can is icing on the cake on Wild Willy.
I bought Citadel Abanddon Black and Steel Legion Drab base paints. I was told it should be the same as the ones you have just remembered names...

My result doesn't look exactly like your.. Do you mind sharing what procedure do you use painting them ? Techniques and weathering. Really appreciate it...
Admire you painting results. So clean and perfect??