New beetle “cup version”

Hi, try using soapy water when apply the sticker and then and a hair dryer to curve on the surface.

I love evo's.... - buenos dias argentina - sold!

Thanks Michael, very good deal, you are a serious and nice people. Mario

New built and almost fully hopped up

Hi, you could add the cups and shafts for metal dogbones or unishaft, those of the TA-04 are cheap in ebay, I did it with the TT01 and run ver well.

One more f350 for the pile...

Godd job, really. Could you list for the where the parts you used are from, also the paint is matt or looks like in the pictures.

Completed the built

If you get AlcladII crhome and follow the instructions of Alclad, I can give you an advice of course, you can get a crhome finish as good as Tamita offered, if you decide to do it, contact me and I will be happy to help you, is easy if one knows what to do.

Bruiser 3-speed chassis project

Something you can get cheap and looks terrific, is the ford 350 Juggernaut body and the Superclod buster Chevy pickup

High lift under the sun
Chain Driven

Actually is not interference what you are noise due to an unbalanced antenna connection. Some 75Mhz (is worst with 27Mhz) front ends don't like you change the length of the antenna, or more common yet, you connect a metal in the end. Remember the Sand Scorcher, never worked fine with the connection directly to the wire antenna, then you had to screwed the cable around. Has the 55 lathe motor the capacitors?.
Probably the telescopic Tamiya antenna works with most of the receivers but I’m sure doesn’t with the old generation ones.
You can try to sold the cable to the telescopic, try to pass the cable in other way, be sure that the motor has 3 ceramic capacitors (0,1 microfarads).
Also you should verify that the ESC provides stable voltage at the time you throttle up the motor, although the motor have more turns could need a higher amperage peak at the beginning.
I had a similar problem with my Hi-lift and 4 channel Futaba receiver, I fixed the problem just adding a Hi-Tech BEC in the voltage line to the receiver, to keep the voltage in 5 volts. The servors work slowly but have not noise when the motor is loaded. Obviously the BEC the ESC provided was not enough to keep the 7,2 v. A bad NiMh cell, not all the pack, could also be the problem
I’m electronic engineer and worked in RC service during the 80, many times receivers refuse to work in a environment and works perfectly in other, but most of the times the reason is what I listed above. Good Luck!

The first of several...

Terrific, how you did yo get so many Bruiser, I'm looking to buy one for myself and can't get it in ebay.

Better than tamiya? here's the red bull version

Yes you are rigth, looks with betetr profile than the Tamiya one which is flat in the front.

Finished bruiser #2

Hi Alex, could you say what paint are you using...automitive one?
Good job looks very nice

Trf racing scorcher - with trf-tuned-chassis

Michel, very nice. The small rear view mirrors of the Calsonic Skyline (some of the bodies) would look terrific here, I guess.

'nur ein stern ist ein stern'

Hi Michael, I agree the C-class Benz looks bad abd out of scale. This is terrific, I have 3 of them, unfortunately I only got painted ones and couldn't let the windows transparent :-(

Very nice!!!!!

1/12 caterham super seven bdr masters coachworks (now built)

Hi, here the link to the article I wrote for the Modelersite magazine

Last of my 4 bruiser restorations

Very nice Alex, but was it neccesary to apply silicone rubber?, did you plan to run this?
Take care

Last of my 4 bruiser restorations

Ok about the silicone, right a true vintage even with the smell LOL. I only would place some decals in the search lights, no in the body!!!!! don't do that! :-)

Thanks mario!!

I know that box!!!!!!!!!!!!......probably because it was in my home for the latest 17 years LOL LOL LOL

Whit yokomo supra body

Very nice. which body are you using?, brand...etc

A real big scale model

I built this terrific kit in '99, here a little report, unfortunately I sold it to a collector so I have not better pictures. I have some photos of the real subjects painted in metallic colors, of course retored years after the war. If you need some info, pictures, electric circuit...etc, contact me

At last!!! (and comp entry)

Very nice painting work!!. I suggest Bruiserbuilder TOYOTA self adhesive letters

Hen long walker bulldog makeover

Hi dave, I have a question for you, if you like to answer. Does the model have the right propotions regading the ¨Pershing ans Sherman?, looks bigger than 1/16. I'm looking to buy one og these for superdetailing but should have the right 1/16 size. Did you think about to resin copy a 50cab Pershing machine gun?. Also the barrel looks shorter that the real one, in 1/16 of course.
Thanks in advance

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