Parma chevvy on mgb/ac cobra chassis
Monte Carlo

Pimp my Kyosho! It looks great.


I was using the green M01 chassis for my Mini Traveller, but it suits the 'army green' of the Moke much better, so I've swapped. Several set of wheels were tried, but the ones that looked right are 1/8th Nitro Mini Cooper wheels, as they fill the arches convincingly.

The Wedding shot - when on holiday March 2006 in Florida, I attended a Mini show. 2 Mini enthusiasts got married actually at the event, and 'Mokie' was volunteered to be the Ring Bearer! It was a nice touch added to the background of real sized Minis.

Mini rallycross

Good looking Mini. I agree that it would be nice to get a 1/10th Clubman bodyshell sorted!


I've drilled 2 extra holes below the existing ones on the front mounts, and the servo mount is now almost through the window. So its a fair comment, but the shell won't go any lower on the chassis. HOWEVER, I was thinking of shorter shocks, which will lower the whole thing nearer the ground.


The Chevron bodyshell - discussions & ordering details are all here on the TC Forum! (Once someone worked out the RainbowTen website...) Link is

Mint new in box kyosho usa-1 monster truck #3165
Gixer Jay

Just like buses... none for ages and then they all turn up! I have just got my own NIB USA-1, identical to this. It took a few days to build as the instructions are not as clear as Tamiya. I finished only last week :) It looks terrific - I think you ought to buckle and build your own. Drop me a line if you do; we can share tips.

The original with drivers!

Looks great with the Delta driver & navigator.

Mini runner

Very neat and tidy.

Mini pickup shell for a standard m03 chassis

I wouldn't worry; the seller has been using the old chestnut about 'the last few left' for over a year. He pops a shell on Ebay every couple of months. The lexan is really thick but makes a nice alternative to a Mini saloon. Best of luck choosing a paint scheme!

My twin d
Malt Man

Re the lower photo with one on top of the other - I hope your your Detonators aren't trying to make some little Twins? LOL

Mabe the best 4wd mini chassis available for under £80!

You are a complete tart! You just couldn't resist, could you!!!

Tri-axle yacht trailer (part2)

OMG that's enormous! What a smart looking rig you have there.

Psychedelic mini and friends!

Full of character. Love the eyelashes! :)

Attacking the 'hill' @ abington park

So your Missus walked your daughter... and you walked your Clodbuster!

M-01 classic mini cooper

I like the headlight effect. Have you put reflective stuff behind? Some LEDs would look great shining out in the dark.

Tech racing 4wd conversion kit

Its sheer snob factor that I chose it! There are other full 4wd kits such as the lovely old HPI RS4 or the new XPress or A-Box, but for me I love the brand name of Tech Racing associated with Tamiya since the 90s. Can't wait!

Jump competition entry

As you can all see, this is my brand new Landrover shell on my Wild Dagger... don't you just love the abuse? Good shot there Rich :)

Jumping jugg

Thanks for all your lovely comments! In answer to below, yes the Jugg did end up having some frontal damage to the bumper, but as the saying goes - No Pain No Gain!! LOL

Maxpower mini, will restore one day, honest

That poor Mini is a right mess, but I've seen worse ones that this restored really well! The Tamiya plastic undercowl is 53243 but takes up what little ground clearance there is on a M01. The centre chassis are normally found on Ebay and are cheap, and there is a Tamiya quick release battery holder 53238. Be careful of the Tech Racing 4wd conversion; new Tech Racing ones are over £130 but will not fit your componants as they are for M03 chassis. The vintage version is worth at least that and you have to be very careful to get the right length one for a 210mm chassis (as I found out to my cost arrrrghhh!).
Good luck! :)

Oooh arrr somerset bash november 2006 - trucks

We ran over any Teletubbies we saw. Nor did we do a song and dance. It was Oooohhh-Arrrrrrr, not Eh-Oh!

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