World class mountaineer

Thanks for all the really nice comments guys :)

*platinum edition tamiya mk.i sand scorcher*

Thanks guys for all the very kind comments; I hope you liked the work ;)


Thanks for all the nice compliments guys!
@steve3smart : I agree mate!
@Rosey : I think you might have to buy the whole kit in any versionand just not use the body.
@Sparkie,swedishwiking : No, this isn't a re-re, just a custom job.


Just opened up the holy grail.....

Yes my Tamiya brothers, it had to be done; just to see what it might have felt like in 1982...and yes, it was as exciting as anything I've ever built/done in r/c cause I'm poppin' its cherry all at the same time as well ;) We should all be doing this if you feel like you're never gonna sell it or think you'll retire from its worth, cause it just isn't gonna lets enjoy it for what it is right? ;) Everything I acquire, I build......Hope you'all enjoy! Just posted an update.....

Baja tundra 1st run in mud and snow

I love the theme of this truck Wyoming! Paint scheme is really cool ;)

Fast attack vehicle with some extra's

Love that extra tire in the back!! 1 of my favorite FAV's!! Well presented and looks like he's on a mission of.... dominance! :)

Life long modeler

Wow....this brought me back to my own Grandpas' me back to another time when my grandfather and father were around teaching me the same things....I sure do miss them :(. A pleasure to hear about some family history of yours and I see we both have been taught lessons and skills from generations past, and I truly appreciate seeing that passed on, so Thanks for sharing....:)

The red and white schnitzer !!!

That is sweet!!! Really like your painting....mad skills ;)

All clear, ready for take

Yes OCD, it was I who was the culprit on this crime of ;)

All clear, ready for take

@OCD: yes Sir, I am available for hire as I love to make the whole world a better looking place by adding to it a little Tamiya beauty....:)
@Wyoming; LOL!! thats awful nice of you to say that...but too bad for Toyota
@Corona Powered: Yes, the decals have to have that 'painted in' look, so yes, they were there in the last update before this was 'cleared up'
And Thank you guys for all the kind comments, enjoy!

All clear, ready for take

@japper7, def4x4, Troy Heli King, mr pushrod, mr alan; Thank you again for all of your kind remarks as you know I love to put out great work if I can and appreciate your support for my work. Its really my pleasure :)
@SCORCHER KID; Thank You and I'm using all Tamiya products from the Primer to the Paint, and the Clear Coats is a High-Grade Automative Urethane Clear.
@oz-trash-cowboy; no, its Matrix AG-40 AutoGlas Euro Desin Clearcoat that was laid down at room temp in the paint booth.
@ Dante77, mcovalsk; Thank you for the comments, and if you ever want to come to Southern California USA, then you can be my guest at the booth ;).
@slimmy; As always, you are a gent, and its a pleasure to know you as well!
Will follow up once the clear coat hardens and I get all the details done....Have a great week guys!

Super champ cast parts after platinum rhodium process....

Thanks for the comments guys!
@anchordriver: Thanks, it costs me $400
@oz-trash-cowboy: Thanks, and yes, All parts fit perfectly.

Custom platinumized 'super red bull champ'

Thank you all for the compliments! :)

Custom platinumized 'super red bull champ'

To answer a few questions:

@OCD: You and I were thinking the same thing about this Livery as that was my very goal! You're pretty sharp Steve..;)

@ToyKid: Yes, the yellow was chosen for the fact that the decals, driver and Red Bull theme were already red and the Yellow bars just added that perfect contrast-Thanks for noticing!

@Crash Cramer: When I took that pic I thought the same thing! And speaking of the Rear Sus. Kit; I'm actually building the Re-Re SRB with that on it and it will be all Platinumized! So check back for that in a few weeks-just waiting for the parts to come back:)

@henrikw: Yes the decals are all original from various SRB/3-Speed sticker sheets that were selected for their color, theme, etc. and just cleared over.

@Wyoming: Yes, I plan to run it, but very carefully;)

@metallifits &WW-nut: LOL, No, I don't drink Red Bull, but I love their color scheme and the fact that they sponsor alot of off-road type events so I had to go with it...:) I have a friend who does drink'em so I had him save the empty ones for me for my display pics, but I honestly can't stand the taste or the caffeine.
@technical.burp: Thats a great idea for a photo op! I might try that since the cans are empty and very light to crash through..LOL...;)
@swedishwiking: No, the rims are Parma's that I won off of eBay a few months back.
@ ALL that left the very kind comments; I greatly appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave them and appreciate my hard work; it puts a smile on my face every time-
Thanks my tamiya bros.....

Garage for 250 gto
Hong Kong

WOW...what year is this GTO? Is it the real thing or a replica? TRULY AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPH!!!

Tundra with the front grill and skid plate platinumized

Thanks for all the comments fellas, much appreciated!
@ slimmy- Im gonna try and make it happen for you brotha ;)

Platinumized re-re ss & rear end suspension set

@bfst24: Thanks, please read here for info:

@SRB Bloke: I don't know what the other US guys are doing (please read link above for info), but this isn't your normal plating, and if you need some Platinum Rhodium to your prized pieces done, let me know and we can work something out, the guys' a friend of mine. Will post a follow up when im all done :) Thanks again guys!

Updated class 5 baja racer

This looks like a beach I go to...LOL ;) Beautifully done!

She's all done....

Hi All,
Thank you so much for all the kind comments!

Old school vs. new skool

Thanks fellas for all the kind comments!;)

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