Retro split racer

Darn it! i just got one of them there shells and wu-heels but mine don't fit the arches right! Were did i go wrong. nice though.

Vdubs at the ready

Thank's Volksrod that's a honner coming from you. I know you love your V's as much as the next man

The one from volkworld (sort of)

Ye your right scorchio. me ans the missess had a chance to look round the car once and she fell in love with it! hence she want's one similler

Rebuilt just needs the last of the hop ups and a body fitting

Hay Nice one you won this in the end! the misses would'nt let me bid on it! maybe thats just as well i was aload to bid on another beetle with the same timing as this one and i won glad i got it as it's a minta!!

Taisan with a difference!

I'm gutted this thing sold now. I can't help but come back time after time to look at it! what chassis/body was it for??
will ya make another one for me to ogel at again??

Future rc project rockets

The Kubel Wagon is a Revel Jobby. 1:9 scale and ram packed with nice details! my local. my local model store have managed to get one in as well as the hiboy also so if anyone needs ether let me know?

Carson tl01 hop-ups

Ah! tec i get over this by diching the oil that's in em for a softer type and putting another hole in the cap thingy. this way i've never found i have to change the springs and i an't had a set leak on me yet! unlike the Tami's were i've found there mini shocks constantly leak with the lil rubber gronet never stay's in place. i do here of people glue/wedge in there's in but there's not much movein going on em

Tech racing belt drive kit for m02

You lucky, luckey, lucky, sod!!! I just lost out on one of these set! would of made my nitro killer project complete.
now i have to wait another 10years to lose out on one again!!!

Tandy buggy

Ah god bless Tandy i miss the tandy store we used to have down the road from us in the ye oldun times! i wonder what ever happened to the company??

Hpi rs4 micro 4wd porsche

these are great cars for racing. i had one some time ago. but sold it on, i wish i kept it now as i could see me making a Tamiya mini/rs4 hybrid but the misses is putting a stop to my rc'ing so that'll have to wait for some time

Always take a second close look - just incase!
Maxxed Ross

Funny that Maxxy i felt the same way about Monte! but at least i got spare's with it, just not for the car there for some other Tamiya!! TL01 me thinks! dang!!

4wd conversion iii - more hopups found

Sniff Sniff, Cry Cry, if only i could find a TECH 4wd kit! mind i have just got me grubby mits on a Tech Belt kit but that only half of what i need! Can you still get them locally??

A very special pumpkin!! now sold

Just build the thing!! nothing worse then seeing a fine pumpkin gathering dust!! (i only want to see the pic when it's done)

Moonee pumpkin.. sold

Good to see another Moon-esck colour styley sneaking into the club! ah can't wait for my moon box project (lunch box) to be finished!


Now thats what i can smart thinking, dang! is only i'd been smarter off the mark!! good work

Scottish gp 2005
Maxxed Ross

Great story ross. good to see some raceing going on way oop north! still haven't got round to sorting some pic's for you yet but i'm on the case so to speak!

Had to keep her ?

you' forgiven harris i got one too (though i'd never post pic's up of it)!! i paid a £1 for mine!

Another few hours spent breaking cars 2

Make sure that quincey does'nt clean it!! nothing like a messy pajero!!

Subaru visits loch lomond
Maxxed Ross

nice one ross. funny really i was in that neck of the woods last week but forgot to take anycars with me. doh!

Mad maxs wild willy / holiday buggy hybrid with very long wheelbase

A possable winner for a comp i trying to sort out, and i have'nt even got it off the ground yet!!! Rough as old boots just the way i like em!!

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