Made in germany (jochen)

That is REALLY nice. I might have to start looking out for a Juggernaut body set myself now... By the way, we can see you - say cheese (can see your reflection in the bumper of the 3rd shot!).

My other evo ... mitsubishi lancer evolution viii mr fq-320

The Evo VIII must be just about the most aggressive looking car ever made! She's a real beauty mate - I'm jealous. I'd lose my licence within a few days of owning something like that, I reckon..

Tt01 bought from morpheus

Thanks! It's not looking quite as smart as this now (the 11t motor has seent to that!), but it is my daily runner... It's a great car - really smooth and quiet.

The goldie lookin' twin is all mine - mwah hah haaaa!

No problem - I'll take some pics and put a 'how to' post in the monster truck forum later on.

Thanks for the positive comments!

4wd conversion i

That looks really smart - shame they're discontinued. Nice looking car, BTW - looks great with those wheels.

Scorchin action!

They're both great, but the orange scorcher looks fantastic. Can't wait to get the rest of the pieces for mine so I can get it running! Some brilliant pictures there Moosey - as always...

Tt01 bought from morpheus

I was just using the standard spur, and the smallest pinion I had (can't remember what it was now), but it wasn't working that well. The 11t motor is now in my TA-04R, but you might try Kawada if you want to play with the gearing on yours - they do a number of different spurs for it.