My first tamiya rc for over 13 years....

i love the aggressive stance with those tires! i'm a little nervous about painting my blitzer's body. how hard is it to do? your truck looks great!!

Beast of a brat..sold ebay

This brat looks awesome! Everytime I sign on to TC I have to take another look at it!! Just love those wheels!!!

Think pink!!!! done at long last!!!!

great job! the pink gear boxes look nice! also a nice comment about not sweating our hearts out building our collections just to sell our beloved tamiya's.....:)

Vanessa's update: ultra marine blue
Ridgeback Racing Team

i bet the white & blue trf decals would look great! the blue & pink ones would look nice too, even though they are a bit girly. but this lunch box is 'vanessa's' after all! ;)

Desert racer special

very cool! could almost pass for pics of 1:1 vw's running near the beaches of mexico in the baja 1000!! i love it!!!!!

Never used 'blue-chrome' blackfoot wheels

thanks! they would look great on a silver or white blackfoot. maybe with a dark KBF chassis! these were purchased as is. they are new and say 'RCC BLACKFOOT' on them so they must be original tamiya wheels?! on the back of one of the fronts you can see a small hint of the original yellow.

Falcon/blitzer beetle project car

very nice progress considering what you started with! it's already got my gears turning for a future project! FANTASTIC!!

Monster racer s-10

thanks guys for the comments! phoenix, i used the hilux rear body mounts in the front for the extra hieght. and used super blackfoot rear body mounts spaced out about 12mm from the back of the shock tower at the same holes. i also relocated the stock KC antenna mount to the center of the front edge of the shock tower. this makes all the stock S-10 holes line up perfectly! i did have to redrill for the front though!

Blitzer rebirth or poor man's scorcher?

lookin' good! aren't those discontinued duratrax rear tires? i still have a few sets of those lying around..........
paint job looks fantastic!

Restored to good 'runner' condition, and run it will!

what a very cool idea! i too was recently thinking of taking my box 'o parts and making a nice presentable runner. i figured i'd spend a little doing so, but your 'spend no money' idea is challenging and i like that! this blackfoot came out fantastic!!

Donner chassis
Mikey Magz

looks to be a Stadium Thunder?!? Basically a Stadium Blitzer, but w/ red gearbox and front bulkhead and a different body w/ yellow wheels as standard items......

First rc car....reborn

Lookin' very sharp! Definitely a retro color scheme!! I like it!!!

Sand rail

Great looking machine and what a cool idea! Couldn't you extend the (4) 4-link bars enough for the shocks to lean forward, allowing for motor clearance? Not sure how much would be neccesary, and if it would yield you an incredibly rediculous wheelbase, but it's just an idea! Lovin' the progress of it so far!!

Clod buster chevy grill/tailgate

Nice score! The original Clod's had 'Chevrolet' on the decal sheets as well. On the sides of the bed near the back just above the tail lights. Not sure if a whole lot of those are still around, but worth the hunt at least! Great parts you have there!!

Handy guide of the differences between 83&05 frog

Hi there! I found another difference in the chassis. Maybe you could add it to your list. Look in my showroom under 'Extra Info'. I've added photos and a description there to better see the difference. Fantastic work on your list! Very, very useful and interesting stuff!!!

Thought i'd try a team theme!

HaHa... It's Suzuki as in Suzuki Motorcycles, motocross bikes to be exact! Never really thought about the confusion regarding Suzuki Cars 'till now. LOL Funny thing is I drive a 1:1 Chevy Silverado and ride Kawasaki's and a Husqvarna in the dirt......
I just happened to have these stickers left over which are meant for a helmet and a can of yellow spray! I agree with you about the pin spikes, I must have spent a small fortune in 2.2' tires and I always end up back with these. I just wish the spikes would last a little longer. LOL. Thanks for the comment!

Gold imex rims!

I finally opened these up last week! I've gotta a modded Blackfoot in the works right now that will wear these. I've always liked gold rims on these trucks, but MB wheels are expensive and I see the HPI 5-spokes everywhere.....

Stick a fork in me, i'm done...calsonic optima!!!

Wow! That looks incredible! The protech body really looks meant for that chassis!! I may be coming up on a Turbo Optima to restore here soon, and this gives me some motovation. As of now, I am completely blind in the world of Kyosho.......
Fantastic job on your car!!

I got a clod! now sold

Very clean original Clod! Looks to be the chevrolet badged version also! Nice find!!