Now a runner - traded
Black Boy

looking good Sam

Remake - remodel (roxy music)

Really neat car. The real one was driven by a New Zealander(Kiwi) Paul Radisich who just this weekend broke his ankle plus 3 ribs in a 180 kph crash at the final practice for the Bathurst 1000 supercar race in Australia. I picked up a body set last for $17NZD which was probably my best buy ever. Like you I will hunt through my stash of FF01 parts and complete a new build from parts - I have everything I think including the wheels. Good luck finding some decals - they do appear from time to time. The wheels are still available on Ebay but you have them already. cheers.

All four
rizzo rat

now that is clever but quite simple... the chrome midnight pumpkin, as you would have going to run the lunch box on the end backwards given the tire directions to get the best performance and the midnight pumpkin on the end and the other lunch box cant decide given the rears are facing forward and the fronts are facing backwards....nice collection you have there of course.

Blitzer beetle body

Blitzer Beetle eludes me I am affraid - I will eventually get one

Nostalgic series

Nice real nice - if only tamiya had produced one as well!!

1/8th svm crono belt 4wd new beetle

Thanks for that. I am pretty sure it is standard 1/8th scale (as opposed to TGX) which I also have. I think you can still get SVM parts so I will try SVM direct. If anyone here speaks Italian and could assist in finding out from SVM if they still have body and decals that would be a great assistance as I spend ages trying to translate via the web.

Preview... street scorcher

Any beetle is a good beetle - this looks cool. Good work.

Another vintage 3 speeder off the list! sold to kiwi

I met the guy that auctioned this off. He spent a number of years in the UK and brought a number of Rc cars back to New Zealand with him. I picked up an incomplete super champ with no body, plus a partial taisan porsche chassis - missing top halve of the back transmission.

1/8 tgx porsche 911 gt1

Great models these - look good but are a handful to drive(well for me anyway). I have 4 or 5 chassis for these but with no hop ups apart from sway bars. What brand of foams do you use and can we still get them? Great collection you have.

On it's way to being an opel instead sold early '12

and I was a gent and let you win the auction.....looking nice James.

Super-cheap ebay mondeo

great buy - great car

I've crammed everything into 1 small room!

looking fantastic James

'spares or repair' scorcher shell

you win some you lose some I always say. I seem to be having a run of picking up stuff which doesn't have the battery covers for transmitters. But in all the bad still manage to pick up some good ones which makes up for it even though you still feel annoyed at the time. Dont give up......

Veedubs everywhere!
Jak Rizzo

perfecto - you can never have too many beetles!

More of the top porsche paintwork complete
Blacque Jacque

Is that a Kyosho OR-34 body? I have one of these and was wondering what to put it on. I was actually going to use it as a practice body as I picked it up cheaply.

Yours looks really good. What are the wheels? The TGX GT1 Porsche had wider wheels at the back I beileve but aren't chrome, only white plastic.


Stubborn paint
tuff bug

Oven cleaner with caustic soda(Sodium hydroxide) in it seems to normally work. Spray it completely, place in a plastic bag so that you can leave it for a few days and it wont dry out, give it a good scrub with a scrubing brush, another quick spray of oven cleaner and reseal the bag for a few days and again if required. Pays if it isn't to cold either so it will work better. A Handfiul of tooth picks come in handy for doing all the fine panel lines etc. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and are well ventilated when working with it as the fumes wont do you any good at all. Good luck. I wouldn't use nitro fuel on any hard body, only on polycarbonate.

Follow Connor's advice also as he has done some amazing restos lately.

Poor man's scorcher part 1: restoring the beetle shell

Looking good. What product did you use to do the plastic welding?

Ford for thought
tuff bug

looking good. what wheels are you finally going to use?


that looks great. How long before Paul (loaded) has a chrome plated one??

A real sand scorcher - it's even electric!
Chicago Bob

the joy of owning a bug is definately the noise and the dirty hands fixing them all the time.

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