Two hour run/ walk through the fields and forest

Hi guys, thanks a lot for your nice comments. The tyres actually perform pretty well. I wanted slightly bigger ones than the original tyres to increase the gorund clearance a bit. However if you take 110 mm diameter the torque of the motor might be not enough. The spotlights are from 'Conrad', a German Electronic and tool&die chain. I mounted the lights so that they would not be destroyed when the car rolls over.
To all who think about trying a 3speed- go for it.

A new member

Nice :-) My daughter is 10 months and she loves to turn tyres on my cars. My wife already fears here becoming also addicted to RC cars... :-)

Emsland jam 2008 part 2 the 3-speeds

Great cars and great pictures!!! Unfortunately I live so far in the south of Germany ;-( Greetings to the North

Sunday walk

Hi, thanks for the nice comments. The tires are Crazy Crawler 1.9. I use wider foam inserts to make them a bit stiffer (4,5 kgs total weight of the car...). Looking forward to the next weekend :-)

Some additional shots of my hilux

Amazing! Seeing the first pics I would swear it is orginal = 1:1 scale.

My first kyosho scorpion

Really great pictures and your son seems to enjoy fathers newly-discovered old hobby :-). I also have a Scorpion but unfortunately with the white Plastic-Look rims. Still a great car and makes a lot of fun. Greetings from the South

November competition entry

Hi everyone, thanks a lot for the nice comments. Unfortunately I do not find the time to drive as often as I would like to, but still it is dirt, mud, water what these rigs are made for. Sometimes I nearly start to regret having made all these small mods but besides driving it is wrenching what I love about this hobby. And by now my wife doesn't believe me anymore when I tell her 'I will leave this car now as it is. It is perfect' ... ;-) Cheers

Road Burner

Great car. Love the trailing arm suspension and the lay-down shocks. According to an old test report the shocks were of very high quality and already with a threaded body for pre-tensioning. Enjoy it!

Wiring layout in srb using teu-101bk

Great work. Unbelievable to see an original radio box in such a great condition!

Clean up

Great find. The chassis already looks pretty clean/ organized. Have fun with it

Big bear chassis modding

Really nice mods, looks very promising. I like it when the vintage cars are slightly updated without totally changing the construction of the car. And when painted black you tuned chassis will look like an classy tuning part.

My 1st brat!

Nice one, it even has the original 380 Mabuchi. I think some guys are searching this original motor and mounting plate.

My 1st brat!

Should be a 32 dp (metric 0.8) pinion with 20 t (if I remember correctly).

Kyosho bootsale find

Hi, as fasr as I can see this is a PB Mini Mustang. It was introduced late 86, early 87 and was even available with an automatic 2-speed gear. Was as far as I remember a very fast car but the quality of the suspension arms was not the best. For sure a great deal for 1,50

Rear suspension mod and steel 15 t gear

Short update on photos: camber is like on Super Champ (similar suspension geometry): positive on full extension and negative with compressions of springs. Will keep you updated once I drive it ( 6 months... ???)

Weekend trip part ii

Great pictures! Unfortunately the 'Allgäu' is a bit far from the 'Eifel'. Otherwise I would love to make some nice tours. Absolutely understand your comment regarding the starring hikers :-) Same always happens to me when I go for a walk with my wife and daughter. Keep us updated about any plans for a scale crawler. Cheers

Kyosho lazer zx-r: optima mid's next step

Really great looking car! Does Croky_b also sell the bodies to other people?

Ayk sidewinder progress!
Road Burner

Really great car. I remember when I read the test report in the German magazine AMT in spring 1985. They praised the shocks and the light weight.

Blackfoot with hop-ups?? help!

The rear shocks look like Kyosho Platinum shocks. These were the ones with adjustable dampening. On the front you have some Nichimo shocks (the ones with silver alloy body).

Rough rider restored

Definitely woth all the work. Looks really great, like a perfect shelf queen. Will you drive it??

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