Model: (Click to see more) 99962: Nikko
Status: New built
Date: 3-Jun-2010
Comments: 6
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As I remember this was the first RC-car I've ever had. Yes it's a toy and no it's not a Tamiya but this is my childhood, so many memories! I found this one on ebay and it's exactly like i remembered. It was NIB until... it ended in my hands :-( I wanted to know if it still works and it works! It was so much fun I couldn't stop until I hit the concrete wall of my garage. Result: see photo 2. I've glued it back on and now it's staying at its shelve. :-)


Fernado Alonso


Concrete sucks;-(

Mad Ax


I had one of these also, my first RC, same colour, same superglued front end after too many crashes. It lasted for years before it finally got thrown away. Really good fun.



Memories nice example of a great car of days gone by



Never forget...



My best friend gave me his, but it's without the wing and antenna. But it still works, so i'm after a new or used body set.



OMG I had this car for a zillion years. I was so tough on it but it always bounced back. Glad you got one and thanks for sharing!

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