Model: (Click to see more) 58172: Taisan Porsche 911 GT2
Status: New built
Date: 7-Jun-2010
Comments: 3
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I purchased this car at my LHS for $150.00 CDN. I added the aluminum shocks, F/R FRP shock towers, aluminum servo mounts and Optional center shaft. The body and car New but the previous owner painted the bpdy silver. I always liked this car as a race car more than a street car so I went through my decal collection and found these D2 decals which are made for a silver car, so I put the two together. I think the car looks much better now as a race car than it did as a silver street car.




Silver isn't the right colour for a street car anyway (let alone a street Porsche: For a street version, this one Imo should be bright yellow).

Anyway, I really like the result, I always liked the D2 paint scheme(s) And this pretty much is my all time favorite Porsche (together with the original version of this without the widened wheel arches and the huge wing).



I like this body and the decals.... looks real! Great job!



Race cars always look more appealing, just my opinion. I love what you did with this one. Awesome!

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