Model: (Click to see more) 58447: Ferrari F60
Status: New built
Date: 7-Jun-2010
Comments: 2
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I built this F60 pretty much as stock. It has an aluminum Kawada shock and front tamiya optional uprights as I hate the stock white uprights. The optional uprights are black in color. I think this is one of the best models tamiya has ever built. These cars capture the lines of todays modern F1 cars more so than the F103. The F102 cars were more realistic than the F103 cars in my opinion because the real F1 cars of the F102 era were wider than the real F1 cars of the F103 era. Anyway I loved these F104's and hope there is more to come! The sad part is once again in my humble opinion, the real F1 cars of today have probably the least pleasing sponsorship and paint jobs to replicate. I probably gave too much of my opinion in this description, sorry :)




this is really a very nice kit!!



Great looking car, shame about no cigarette advertising/sponsorship

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