Model: (Click to see more) 58347: Lunchbox
Status: New built
Date: 8-Jun-2010
Comments: 9
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Finally got round to spraying the lunchbox at last!!!
Now I dont know wether to apply the supplied box art decals, do my own thing and add some flames and sponsor decals or keep the decals to a minimum and enjoy the basic art of the box, any ideas welcomed! My colour choice for this one is a metallic purple which I think goes well with the yellow wheels although I may add chrome wheels at a later stage or will too much chrome spoil it? AAARRRRGH so many decisions to make!! Still some finer detailing to add like painting the door handles etc. Anyway your comments are most welcome and needed on this one. Thanks for looking.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Night time neon lunchie!!!!!!




Unique colour thats begging for Vimto livery me thinks !



Nice! love the crome bits crome shocks... look bling! really like the colour and like the fact that it has no decals, good job!

Fernado Alonso


I like it so-far .
Idea's pop up you now
It is going to work out just fine,just needs a coming plan



I think it would look much better painted with mud and some scrapes up the side, looks far to neat! Sensible awnser (out of my depth but still)maybe a few choice decals and some yellow pinstripe detailing?



I think the chrome wheels would look super cool on this. Nice paint job. I'd go with your own personal look for the decals. I think the orange from the stock decals might not look so good with these colors.



Very nice paint on this Lunchbox, looks great so far! Meby some details and decals to work on woudt look better!



I think Tim 'Tamiyaonebay' is right chrome wheels would look cool...maybe look on the net for pics of 1970's vans for additional paint scheme inspiration....



Nice clean subtle box just like it is too.



Yip, painting in the handles, rear lenses etc would really set the truck off nicely.

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