Model: (Click to see more) 56325: Man TGX 26.540 6X4 XLX
Status: Runner
Date: 12-Jun-2010
Comments: 8
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Here is my new MAN TGX. [Again bought from the great stellamodels :)]
What a build. Has to have been one of the most time consuming build with the painting! Masking up took some time lol. Have added extra lights into all the availble holders and this has the MFU board fitted :)

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The Hobbymaster


Great looking MAN, I know what your saying when it comes to painting the body, there are soooo many parts to paint and when you think you've painted them all you find another part to paint LOL. I've just finished painting all 16 parts of the rear wheel covers on my MAN

All that said, I love your truck really nice. well done!! Cheers Ian

ranger blue


very nice job Ant, looks fantastic with that trailer mate

rizzo rat


Interesting colour scheme not what id have done but still looks real nice job. I'd love two rigs one of each colour Great photo's.



Wow, it looks real in the first photo. Fabulous job Ant. Perfect scale model...



looks fantastic



Very nice Anthony. If it was so time consuming I take it that the Landy resto has taken second place.



It does seem that way lol!

Troy Heli King


Looks superb with matching trailer, great Rig! Building mine soon.

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