Model: (Click to see more) 58056: The Falcon
Status: Restored
Date: 24-Jun-2010
Comments: 7
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Finally finished the restore tonight and 21 years later she re lives and drive's around my living room. I love the Falcon defo the number ONE car of all time yet! But I'm biased as it was my very first Tamiya car all those years ago. There were a few parts that were cracked but not the normal parts that used to go, so I put it down to the first builder tightening screw a little tight maybe.

Sadley left out due to running car.




tis a beaut, takes me back to 1990, esp with the cure and 'close to me' playing on the radio, and the excitement that you can use both philips AND flat screwdrivers on the screws (yes, a nerd!)



Very Nice Restore !!!! I really like the Falcon too !!



It cleaned up really nicely. Looks good.

SRB Bloke


Its looking good now...



Wow you don't hang around, great job, looks fantastic.
The Falcon is very underrated buggy !

mad maz


looking good i so love the stripdown repair and clean and replace rebuild stages

rizzo rat


Thanks for all the nice coments, No i don't mess about i just like to get things done lol. I dont mind a long term progect but i just had to get this done.

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