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Status: Project
Date: 7-Jul-2010
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Here's a couple of models Ive been working on lately. The Schwimmwagen Type 166 was a recent trade from gr2fltp. The FAV was to help fund Sgt.Barnes's motor bike quest lol. I thought the FAV was going to take quite some time to do. Mainly down to the number of layers of paint on it. The caustic soda method (I use on a lot of shells) made very short work of it. The Scwimmwagen is mobile via a belt drive to the solid rear axle. Power comes from a 55t crawler motor. It is amphibious, the prop is working from a third channel. It operates a 9g servo that hits a mircro switch. Single speed forward only, is all that is needed in the water. It's been in the test tank (my daughter's paddling pool) It will require ballast to get it to sit at the right waterline. A lot more to do on it, detailing wise. The FAV it not far off being finished. More pics as and when. Commments always welcome.




Love the schwimmwagen. What model / kit is it; 1/8 scale ? Does the prop run off the crawler motor as well?

SRB Bloke


Never seen a Scwi before, very nice... look forward to seeing even more detail...



@ MadInventor. Its a Dragon Models Static kit. 1/6 Scale in other words Action man sized. Dragon also do realistic figures. One maybe two will be onboard eventually. The prop runs off of a small motor. More details on this when I am happy that it performs OK. I like to keep things simple. I have seen one or 2 RC conversions that look to me, to be over-engineered.



Sweet models!



Man that is a cool duo! That Schwimm is super! Would love to see it in action.



Love the Schwimmwagen

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