Model: (Click to see more) 58110: Super Blackfoot
Status: Project
Date: 10-Jul-2010
Comments: 5
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Super Blackfoot chassis with a beetle shell fitted. Was very suprised how little it required to get the bodyshell on this chassis. Bodyshell is a from a Blitzer with scorcher driver and fittings.

Perhaps need a better aerial mount?? Technigold power


SRB Bloke


I know I'll get shot for saying this, but it looks very much like an MB, are they the same chassis...?



Wow thats a nice Monster Beetle you have

rizzo rat


You done a great job, looks sweet.



Always nice to see a Monster Beetle enjoying the Sun!



Chassis is similar to the original but has improvements to correct weaknesses. It has a much improved and tougher gearbox and double wishbone rear suspension. The front arm setup is also slightly different to match the wider track on the rear. The servo cover acts as a brace for the front shock tower whereas the original didnt properly. Sure there are a few more small differences.

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