Model: (Click to see more) 58161: Ford F-150 Truck
Status: Other
Date: 30-Jul-2010
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I traded this bodyshell from a friend that prefeered my Skyline, and left it at the shelf for two years or so. At that time I used to compete at the Tamiya Eurocup and decided to create a F-150 Nastruck body for the beauty contest held between races at that kind of meetings. I sought for pics of the internal roll cage of real Nastrucks and I started bending/soldering from 5mm brass tube with some problems about excesive heating (solder one tube and see that three fell to the table surface...) and inner pressure grow (I had to drill a small hole to give way to the heated air from the inside of the tube out...). Once roll cage was finished, it was time to rescue an old Tamiya sedan interior and fit it inside the truck. Decals were scanned from a Daytona Thunder and then printed in adhesive....... 'paper'. Yes, you´re right, I can´t wash this body because I don´t want to rescue the floating decals... ;) ;). I had to wait several years to put my hands on vinil printers.... Wheels came from HPI and I need to putty the brand logo and flat black paint then. This proyect waits to be completed over a TL01LA from my daughter...

Body and wheels


Dam 10


You've been a busy bee.... I really like this Ford, you've put a lot of time in this, Nice work....



thats so cool




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