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Status: Project
Date: 30-Jul-2010
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Once in a lifetime we have to face that some of the spares that laid over the workbench really disturb, and that happened to me. I had a lot of suspension spares from my raced M02 Mercedes SLK and I decide to build a custom designed chassis for that parts. I also find a front diff holder from a Kyosho TR15 and some Traxxas 1/16 Revo shocks a friend 'donated' to this proyect. The features: Mini size (WB210 and 226mm), front wheel drive, spool tranny, inline brushless 18.5T motor, carbon chassis and Colt Abarth bodyshell. Hope you enjoy with the pics as I do at the track.....

I forgot.... The 'Extreme Gearing Proyect' feature a total ratio of 1:2.6. This tranny, connected to a 2000Kv motor, takes the Mini Chassis to an average speed of 70kmh. Not bad for a Fiat.... ;) ;) ;)

1 The CSC-M06..... 1




This car was rear wheel drive.



OH MY! That is a super powered MONSTER Fiat! THe body looks really well done. Superb job with the bodylines and clear wing (prob needs the downforce!). I have a Fiat body coming soon, I can only hope it looks that good, not to mention that FAST!!!! SWEET!






now how about a 9000KV motor in there and some 3 cell lipo action? Naah... Very nice car you have build, like your no nonsens gear system very much. My guess is that it handles very well. Ballance looks optimal, nice job!



Very cool project !!! Like it when people come up with new ideas for building rc cars. Also the paintjob is excellent looking.



Kontemax, you think the same as one friend 1/1 race driver. He told me:..... It must be rear wheel drive!!!! But I´m getting old and driving skills and reflexes are not the same as when I was 20...

Henrikw, about the 3 cell lipo and 9000Kv motor, I don´t think I can get the torque of my current powerplant from a 9KKv motor. Remember, just 1/2.6 overall ratio....

Thank you all for the compliments/ideas.



How it should be, compact and fun



That looks like a very quick chassis, well done.

Dam 10


Nice lookin' Fiat...



I´ve thinking about the 3S lipo.... But I think I´ll have to swap to a 21.5T (1600KV) before. This change will add torque and speed, maybe too much for that tiny wheels....



I´ve been looking at this entry again and again... It´s a pretty odd car, but I really like the concept of it! So how is the acceleration of this car, considering the gearing and the motor? And the wheelspin of course that FWDs often tend to have?



Origine... The 18.5T is torquey a lot but has been calm with this tranny. Acceleration is quite good because it´s quite overgeared at the low end and it´s more difficult to break front wheels traction (you can, in fact...). It´s something like ride a moped, you open the throttle and let the engine and tranny do their job.... Solid axle offers another extra when exiting corners (no inner tyre to unload at all...) and it´s feather weight does miracles about tranny efficiency. I just got 8 bearings in the complete tranny (Motor, diff and wheels) while other cars feature 12, and more rotating mass...

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