Model: (Click to see more) 99950: Tamiya Static Kit.
Status: NIB
Date: 6-Aug-2010
Comments: 12
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Yesterday I went with my 3 chidrens for some shopping and after I took them to a fast food with games.On my way back I saw an old model shop that was closing after 52 years... .When you bought 2 kits you had the 3th for free.I couln't resist to enter and had love on the first sight when I saw those 3 beautys.I never saw one before.Price was 18 Euros each so I paid 36 for the 3.Can you imagine .These object had cost me 12 Euro each for something that has more than 30 years,shiny and brand new with an unique vintage scale 1/18.I paid 38 Euros for the fast food...


mr alan


Wow! They are beautiful! Are you going to build them?

pcw 064


I don't think.Maybe the one I have in double.To be honest I love the NIB's static kits because they don't take dust,I can look for hours to those box art and technical details on the side of the boxes and I really love to studie the build plan because you have every little detail of the real car and the scale pieces you can look at on the grape.Other whise this range of vintage racing cars are my favorite.Colours and shape are the end



YOu are really getting me interested in these kits. I used to build many static kits years ago. These are beautiful



They are gorgeous, very nice to get a deal like that - especially when you consider the cost of the fast food which is long gone!!



Congrats for this incredible find. I'm also a great fan of these fine Tamiya arts on the boxcovers.
BTW - you now have birthday presents for each of your childrens LOL

No Slack


That is a low price you paid for these kits.
The Lola is my favourite.



Great looking old school kits .
Love the box art on the Lola especially .
Nice !!!



I'll take the three static kits over fastfood anyday

I never had the chance to build one of them my self, but I remember my stepfather built them in the early 1970.

And you're missing one out, the Mclaren M8A. But no need to worry Tamiya is re-releasing the Mclaren soon with high quality cartograf decals.

I hope the Nissan and the Lola will follow soon after.

Maybe I should get one while they last



Nice find! Almost as good as my Manta find

pcw 064


Holy grale,first I wanted to appolegise for adding static kits on this webside but with over 402 vieuws (more than my JSP79) I am happy to see I am not the only one who have special affection for all this beauty.
GratDane am looking for the M8A but have to admit that I only buy the original version.I like the smell and quality of those old boxes.The advantage with the re-realise is that they decrease the value of the genuine ones
Thanks for all this comments.



WOW....What a FANTASTIC deal.....Congrats !!!!!



Wow..... thats a great find, i have never seen them before, they are very uniqe i think! Enjoy them.

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