Model: 99993: Parts
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Aug-2010
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Here are my very own Porsche 959 wheels, i noticed several people discussing which other tyres fitted the 959/Celica wheels (I was one of those discussing this) and had an epiphany last night!. This morning I rummaged around in my boxes until i found these tyres which fit quite well.

They are kyosho 1/14th Turbo Optima FRONT tyres (Kyoshos equivalent of Tamiya Quick Drive), they also have writing on sidewall that says ''Bridgestone', 'Sand Super' and '265/65/15.M'.

They are little spiked tyres very similar looking to the bigger original Optima spiked tyres (OT-30) but these are smaller obviously!, they feel quite soft to touch and would probably be very grippy indeed!

Great for a runner and if you needed to you could cut down the spikes a little to make it sit lower, unortunately i cant show you them on a buggy as my own 959 is currently in pieces after being cleaned!, it will probably get put back together when i get a spare 3 hours in 2015!!.


Alternative 959/Celica Gr.B Tyres

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