Model: 99999: Misc.
Status: Restored
Date: 8-Aug-2010
Comments: 1
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What a find !!! I remember a classmate bought one new back in the 90´s, it was super expensive and incredibly fast. After some months of abuse, a broken steering arm and worn transmissionbelt later i bought it from him. Because of the damage i never got it going and spares were unavailable. So i swapped it against a Tamiya F1 and then it disappeared ... This week i saw an ad with a Tenforce and i HAD to buy the car immediately. This example seems to be never driven, just the spokes of the rims are painted black. It came with a used body ( drilled for Tamiya Gr. C Jaguar ) and a new/unpainted Opel Calibra body . Even manual, nip decalsheet and a nip spare transmission belt were included in the deal




Wow what I find! I've been trying to remember the name for this car for ages! There was a review for the Tenforce in the UK magazine 'Radio Race Car' I can remember thinking just how cool & purposefull it was... thing is i'm not sure if there were any race classes to cater for it?... I don't think it even was even eligible for a fast dwindling Pro-10 class? Can't be many of these left.

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