Model: (Click to see more) 58057: The Bigwig
Status: Runner
Date: 14-Aug-2010
Comments: 2
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As this is my 1st entry into my showroom I thought it only seemed fitting for it to be my 1st ever Tamiya car. This was bought for me for Christmas 1988 & it was well used for a number of years but never abused then left in a box till a few years back when I decided to restore it to a runner. I've been slowly collecting parts along with more Tamiya projects & parts for those. I would say 90% of it is now new with only a few original parts remaining those being the Bodyshell ( Hand painted by an 11yr old me ), Technigold motor and rear skid plate, the wheels tyres & main chassis were replaced by me around the early 90's and only lightly used I also got rid of the MSC as I always had problems with it and got hold of a Futaba ESC . I have a NIB bodyset for it which I bought around 6yrs ago from ebay but I cant bring myself to cut & paint it.

My 1st ever Tamiya & still running All new gearboxes but original Technigold New sub chassis was hard to find Vintage Futaba ESC Only lightly used chassis soon to change New bumper probably wont last they never do


Fernado Alonso


Nice painting for a 11 year old boy
Cheers Alex



I love this car ,just about to put mine in my showroom some point this week.It is nice how you have had it all this time and still love it!!
A real Tamiya classic one i am glad to have in my collection .Hope to see more updated of how you get on.
enjoy !!

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