Model: (Click to see more) 58231: Wild Dagger
Status: Project
Date: 22-Aug-2010
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Here's my other major modified Tamiya chassis. It is a Wild Dagger, I bought the roller on Ebay but I've upgraded it further. I bought the TMaxx shocks, two titan 550 motors, and the Emaxx speed control and installed them. Has full bearings and is VERY fast and fun to drive. Forgot to mention, I run it with two battery packs since I have the Emaxx ESC. The 2nd battery sits in the hole in the back middle of the chassis and sticks up some, I hold it down with velcro cable ties or with rubber bands. I 've heard dagger chassis cars are tough, I'll have to get out and test it more! I also bought a new cheap basher body, I do have the original and will put up some photos of it and my other Dagger (Double Blaze) later.

Custom Wild Dagger Custom Wild Dagger, rear right view 2 Custom Wild Dagger, left side 1 Custom Wild Dagger chassis 1 Custom Wild Dagger chassis front Custom Wild Dagger chassis rear Custom Wild Dagger chassis close-up Wild Dagger gearbox w/hole drilled for 550 Titan Wild Dagger custom chassis bottom front Wild Dagger custom chassis bottom rear

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