Model: (Click to see more) 58079: Egress
Status: Project
Date: 28-May-2003
Comments: 1
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Mark me old mukka, we really must stop bumping into each other like this. Every time we email each other there seems to be Japanese plastic arriving in a box and money draining out of my VISA card...! Still, it's all for a good cause and this time I ended up with, in my humble opinion, the greatest Tamiya 4WD buggy.
I love everything about the Egress from the body design to the ultra-stiff carbon fibre twin-deck chassis, the multi-link rear suspension to the titanium screws. This car was in action at Spring Drive, Snetterton with Mark at the controls and ever since seeing it in his showroom, I've wanted it. Claire's been pestering him for ages as she wanted it too, but I sniped her by emailing Mark first...! :P

The car came shipped as you see it with some spare decals and a spare silver coloured wing. I hope to source a new body set soon and get a new screw set as some are a little worn and a few have been replaced with non Ti screws. A new set of rubbers and she'll be as good as new. The car came with an RS-540SH installed which has duly been replaced with a brand new Dynatech 02H, quite fitting for this car I thought. Enjoy...!

***Update***I've put the rest of the decals ont he car and have recently got a full set of NIP Hybrid Spikes (thanks JayJay) to go on the car.

As the car is currently minus new Hybrids Beast...! And as it arrived... Plus NIB Dynatech 02H...




The best 4wd 1/10 buggy bar none!

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