Model: (Click to see more) 58227: TAO3R TRF Special Chassis Kit (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: New built
Date: 1-Sep-2010
Comments: 4
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hi everyone. here my entry for the comp again. apparently my first picture was deleted out of my showroom either by accident or someone hacked into account. either way here's my entry again and good luck everyone and have fun.

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Very nice! I have to know where you got the body. I need an mkiii body to go ona a chassis between my mkii and mkiv supras. i have never seen an mkiii before now. I love how you did the body lines by the way. It makes such a difference in detail. Also what is under the body. Good luck.



thanks for the comment. the body is a abc hobby a70 supra that was purchased off ebay. the wheels are kawada's 26mm in the front and 31mm in the rear. the chassis is a new built ta03r-trf with no electronics since it was built for a show piece instead of a runner. i might use it for a runner if there was a suitable track in my area or very smooth parking lot. where i live, there are no local tracks for on road or off road.




rizzo rat


Awesome looker with the ink lines looks great.

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