Model: (Click to see more) 56004: German Tiger IV - Production Turret (1/16)
Status: Restored
Date: 5-Sep-2010
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This is a King Tiger I bought off Ebay last year. Was covered in a thick coat of brush painted humbrol enamel tank grey with black and silver highlights and tracks painted in gold. Stripped back to bare plastic and resprayed box art, along with a coat of zimmerit. Took about 3 months. Unfortunately no turret rotator or flash unit in it, but it has the very old single motor gearbox that was in the early tanks with the wire wound speed controller, as installed in the likes of the Sand Rover. 16/07/2012 updat. This model now has a twin 540 gearbox fitted. It's a modified vintage king tiger gearbox adapted to use 2 540's. I've removed half of the gearbox frame and replaced it with 2 machined aluminium blocks I made myself, one to hold the motors, and one to replace the part of the gearbox I removed that helps support the gears. I altered the geometry slightly, moving the main bevel gears closer to the centre line of the gearbox, and moved the half shafts outboard and downwards. This then allowed room for the 2 540s. I'm using 5mm half shafts mounted on 850 bushes. The main spur gears are standard TT-01, with 12T 0.6mod pinions on the motors. This gives a slightly lower gear ratio than the original gearbox. The springs have been uprated to take the extra weight of the gearbox.

The tank has also been outfitted with a camera rotator in the tank commanders position, so that the camera can be rotated independently of the turret. A reliable workhorse now for camera work.

Camera platform ready for action Revised internal layout Camera mount / rotator Home made track tensioners Stuck !




Great looking KT

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