Model: (Click to see more) 99982: Mardave
Status: New built
Date: 16-Sep-2010
Comments: 4
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Mardave v12 worlds.

Decided to start racing and after much thought decided to try this, mainly as its cheap compared to off road/TC and generally the same cars (ie biggest budget doesnt have an advantage).

Fitted with a Pug 206CC shell in white, Mardave approved brushless setup, 5000Mah batteries (2 races take about 2500 or so out), etronix 2.4 and a cheapy servo for steering.

1st time out was fun, biggusditchus was there and was a HUGE help, by the 3rd and 4th race i had it setup so it was generally ok. There is a lot more fiddling to do to get it right, but not to shabby, and a Fastest lap on the final that was respectable, considering it was my 1st time, shame i couldnt keep it for every lap :)

the brushless is very quick, especially for a car with no diff or dampers but good fun, just need a few more sessions to tweek the car to my style of driving.

Aww, freshly prepped. White is difficult to photograph! got the rear mount holes wrong! Post racing : carpet everywhere! Good job shells are cheap, taped cracks! Loss of clarity on picture but rear now taped. Top profile, Suggestions on shape and where to put Side profile of wing




Not bad for a first nights racing chap, you really need to get a wing on the back though, its surprising the effect it has.



I have a wing here, didnt fit it as cant find any idea of how to cut (ie shape) or where to fit.

Will spray it up and bring it next week for suggestions



I think you will find it easier to handle if you put a rear spoiler on that body or buy a low profile racing body with a rear spoiler to get downforce and stability.



Wing pics included now, any suggestions on where to mount and cut?

Thinking leave the sides, but remove the back (where 206cc is) and the front section to the 1st bend

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