Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Sep-2010
Comments: 2
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Found this in a local listing, and had lived his whole life with another shell on, the org. shell as seen in the 1st picture was virtually untouched.
The frame/chassis needed no more than a wash and it was good to go.
Made a possible screw-up by sanding the bumps on the roll-bar to make them look like cloth paddings.
This one was an easy restore.

Arrived, the shell was untouched.




Oh, wow. Do you have a time machine over there? This one also looks excellent. Do you have any pictures of your Toyota 4X4 Bruiser? Now I am getting curious. The result of your restorations are amazing.



Thanks Goose, you made me post some pictures of my not-finished Bruiser.

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