Model: (Click to see more) 58054: Super Shot
Status: Restored
Date: 24-Sep-2010
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This was my first good RC car, bought back in july 1986. And I had SOOO much fun with it! Way WAY better than my previous cars which were the Holiday Buggy, Wild Willy, and Kyosho Progress. I did my first races with it, and was close to winning the local Tamiya Cup in Trondheim with it back in the 80s! I just loved that car - and it's the only car I've kept since childhood! All the rest of my collection are aquired as a grown up (yeah, like we ever will!) :-)

I highly modified it when I was a kid. And mind you no Dremel back then! A hacksaw, a file and two pair of hands! And I still think the idea is quite good! The alu chassis consists of a slim bottom plate and two sideplates. Very easy to work on and lots of place for the electronics. It's longitudinally stiff enough for the middle shaft. It does twist but that just provides more grip, handling was very good! Front shock mounts are reinforced, and the front A-arms are held nicely together with a small RC aeroplane link. Home made front alu shock mount. The lover rear arms have the inner material removed go provide more flex and better crash resistance ('breakaway arms'). If I had only thought of placing the battery longitudinally I could have looked back and seen myself as a REAL genious! :-)

It sports a lot of upgrade parts from Morley Models in the UK, I remember it well writing a letter to them as a kid. They wrote me politely back saying 'we have no information on payment from you'... no PayPal back in those days... can't really remember how we solved that, probably sent cash in an envelope to the UK :-) There's better driveshafts and metal steering knuckles.

The car originally had a gold coloured bodyshell, shocks etc (made with pro marketing tape), hence 'Gold Shot'. I even got my first 'sponsorship deal' with Trondheim Elektro Motor (OK I only got the stickers for free, but what the heck! :-) A friends (Jens Lien) father helped us make alu front stabilizer holders and alu nerf bars (seen in pic). Jens had the first HotShot in our neighborhood - and I remember the enormous fuss it was when we ran down to see it in action outside his house!!! But I never really believed in all that fancy mono shock action, and I luckily waited for the SuperShot...

Later I fitted a Porsche 911 body, and lastly a Fire Dragon body. That was my first airbrush 3-colour paintjob as well! With a VERY el cheapo airbrush! :-)

I remember the std. motor being good for only a couple of packs, so I got a Kyosho LeMans motor - which was much more durable! The brush system on the Technipower motors were not very good. Later I put in a Kyosho LeMans 360 PT Gold - which was actually a 550 size (longer than 540) and made for aeroplane use, that really turned it into a rocket!!! (a faster motor could not be found at that time)

The tires are from foam for indoor racing on carpet.

We even made our own banner/sticker with 'Tonstad Racing Team'! Printed on a line printer... :-)

Most of these pics are also vintage hence the bluryness and low quality! :-)

A little bit about the weight of this car, I even took notes of that as a kid:

Std. original SuperShot: 1720 grams

With 911 body and wide alu chassis: 2000 grams

With Fire Dragon body and slim alu chassis: 1660 grams

My super fast 'Gold Shot' with LeMans 360PT Gold My trusted Acoms radio! Alu chassis Evo I, and body posts for 911 body Porsche 911 body mounted Evo II alu chassis, much slimmer this time! This is my old car in it's current state Genious little trick! ;-) Race ready! With the Fire Dragon body. First airbrush job! Our home made team banner!!! :-)

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Fascinating stuff. Excellent.

bad andy


nice! Wish I still had my oldies. Is that custom link between the two a-arms to hold it together so the ball ends on the steering knuckles don't pop out? - Evidence of a very well used (and loved) car. My knuckles would fall out all the time on my old Boomer-



Great history. Must be nice to stll have a car from your childhood that has so many memories



Thx guys! Yes, it's to keep them together - and it worked very well! And yes I'm so glad I could keep at least one car (my last before a 10 year break during motocross/1:1car/studies/girls/beer). From the beginning you always had to sell the one car you had to buy a new one... And there was always only one battery, charging on your fathers car battery etc



That's a super cool car! I've got all the parts collected for the original, can't wait to get i rolling

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