Model: (Click to see more) 58431: F104 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 4-Oct-2010
Comments: 8
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This is the re-re bodyset on my F104 pro chassis with the front end of the F104W. The body has some professonally printed Gitanes stickers and a Goodwood number sticker. The whole body was covered in clear and painted at the same time as the original 58010 NewBuilt. The chassis has the usual Pro options and I already added a alu motor mount. The motor is a Tamiya 12 Brushless and the receiver is 2,4Gh Spectrum. For the wheels the original tires are no use on my carpettrack so I used foam. The rear are F103 tires and the front are F103 trimmed to a smaller diametre. I had the idea to make some repro duplo's so I painted the centre of the tires grey. Looked very good but on my track had too little grip. For running I replaced them with the same tires without the grey centre. The rear wing was strengthend a bit with carbonfibre because I going to run this hard on my track. And I already did and it handles great! Hope you like it

the front is the F104W the duplo's

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
finally a Matra




Wow, those are so great looking!



Did they rerelease this model? I missing something? Awesome cars!



@Tyboart. The bodyset without tabaco logo was limited released at a Tamiya Fair only in limited edition. The alu wing parts are not in the re-re also. The chassis is a F104pro so the total is not in kit form.



now thats a proper rere ''

Fernado Alonso


Wow very nice I just restored mine with a 2010 re-release body-set
Very nice but oh so strange to see a ligier with a 2010 diffuser(LOL)
I like the goodwood decals on it
One time I must go there to see this old F1 cars Racing
Very nice cars you have mate
Cheers Alex

pcw 064


Great looking cars those old F1's.Seems that the famely is growing well in quantity and quality.Always a pleasure to look at your pic's.



Stunningly these



Wow.. I had no idea they had such a thing..of course I don't have an idea about a lot of stuff but thats another matter.

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