Model: (Click to see more) 99995: Motors
Status: NIB
Date: 3-Nov-2010
Comments: 7
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Got this what I think was a quite resonable £120 9 turn bushless and he gave me the correct pinion and gear
its gonna be mental as Mr Clarkson would say 'POWER!!'

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Havin BALLroom BLITZ


Fernado Alonso


Wow very nice and fast combo.
The same as the HPI flux warp/motiv set.
witch I have and is very fast and reliable
Any car flights with this set.
Cheers Alex



you should be very happy with the peformance of this setup. I have the 7700kv set in my slash and it really is mental. I think there may be more 'POWER' than Clakson himself could handle. lol
Enjoy !!!!!!

Tamiya Monkey


the 5700kv mamba will make that thing shift for sure.



The mark on the side of the box show 'more powerful than 9T brushed' not brushless. The 5700Kv is more like a 4.5T/5.5T brushless. The HPI 'Flux' systems are the same 5700Kv motor, but the smaller Sidewinder Castle ESC rebadged. The Mamba ESC is about 1/3rd more powerful than the Sidewinder/Flux ESC. Be sure to use some real good high discharge packs with it to get the full benefit, like 25C 4000mAh LiPo or better. The Blitz is gunna fly!!



7700 way to go



thanx for the info guys TA-Mark's info very helpful as I obviously mis-read the box



I've got the Castle Flux setup in my Blitz. Absolutely amazing. The Blitz is made for this and I beat the son-in-laws slash. Drives him crazy.

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