Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: New built
Date: 7-Nov-2010
Comments: 3
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Got this off eBay. My perfect kind of find: Half built car that the owner gave up on; Never run and perfect condition with a fraction of the price of ripping up a NIB.

Pristine white bodied edition. All the pieces are there (non-mounted pieces not shown in picture).
Drive shafts and plastic bushings show no signs of wear.

The only thing that does not look completely NIB are the tires which have a very very slight wear at the tips of the spikes. My guess is the previous owner tested the chassis on the floor.

Came complete with servos and a 75 MHz receiver, but no transmitter. I need to get a 27 MHz receiver to make it work.

Nothing broken in the build, but the shocks are completely stiff. From the nearly full oil bottle it came with I'm guessing the builder didn't do them right.

I'll strip this one down and rebuild it as a shelf queen. Need to get my runner MB put together now.




Nice Find !!!!



Very good score, will be nice once it's all finished!



A nice classic; good find.

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