Model: (Click to see more) 58045: The Hornet
Status: New built
Date: 7-Nov-2010
Comments: 2
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I have fond memories of the hornet as probably do many others. The hornet was the first car I had from new and built. I remember getting it back from the model shop and realising that you didn’t get radio gear with it (I didn’t notice that on the box I was just looking at the pictures!) so I ended up striping down my sand rover for the radio gear. I still don’t what I did with the sand rover after that. I got this hornet a while back now before the rere hornet I brought it as a nearly new in box but with some of the parts missing mainly being the wheels and tyres which at the time I brought this they were quite hard to get hold of and they cost me quite a lot extra from Japan. The blister packs had been opened too so I decided to build this one.




Awesome buggy the hornet,great and crazy fun cars to drive!! Good to see the vintage kits with the old style speed controller, brings back some great memories.



Sweet! The Hornet is such an iconic buggy in the Tamiya catalogue. That's a very nice example.

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