Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Extra info
Date: 8-Nov-2010
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The hot shot one of the top cars around in my after building it and seeing it in the flesh and not in pictures i totally love this buggy has such a mean look to it,the alloy roof,roll cage and netting are just great gives it some character,also the shassis design makes a change from the average bath tub style.Its has full ball bearings,tamiya black sports tuned motor,but i have not run it , i can't bring myself to do it i will have to buy another one, its the only answer,one as a self queen and one as a runner.looking forward to seeing how this runs off road.I will probably crack soon and have to take it out for a spin.





I remember these years ago too, I really liked them but the Bruiser won out for me. Back then I bought two one for bashing and one for shelf. Still have both. I think it is time to look for one of these myself. Very Cool!!!



Love all the 'shot series buggies and these were meant to run so run it!!



I too have memories with this one. A kid in the street had one and he raced that thing anywhere and on and over evrything. It was crazy, compared to my old 2 wheel drive Pajero. He would just bash it and race it right up and of the curb and the car would just take it all, whilst my car was left behind, and broke yet another piece of the shell You probably understand, I was slightly jealous....

Aussie Top Force


When I was 10 some 24 years ago, the Hot Shot was the R/C car to have. The Legacy of the Hot Shot remained a house hold name to many kids. To expalin when I was 16 (1991) and talking a friend about my new Egress powered by a Dyna Tech 02H, one of my other friend butted in and said, 'Dude, Egress, whats that? A Hot Shot would kick its #ss!'.

Long live the Hot Shot! Fine example!



Bought my Hotshot a few months ago after being out of the RC seen for some 20 years, had the Super Shot but not the Hotshot. I love it, took it to a RC club recently got a lot of attention and it embarresed a few modern cars Enjoy!!!!



Thanks for the comments guys.Yes the Hot shot a bit of a legend,can remember it being released,but way out of my parents price range back then.I know some vintage collectors might disagree,but the re-re of these vintage buggys is awesome.It give's people a second chance without having to re-mortgage to buy them.

Aussie Top Force


Nothing wrong with a re-release as long as it is a faithfull recreation of the original. Can't wait for the Re-Re Avante, hopefully Egress and Avantee 2001 will follow!



Its great you have 2 Hotshots! one with gold rims and one with white rims to sit beside each other on the shelf

Nice looking Hotshot! They look too nice do these Hotshots when new it stops us running them! lol.
I need to find an old banger Hotshot to use as a runner and so do you!!



Very nice Hotshot, a great bug!

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