Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 15-Nov-2010
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Yesterday i had a very lucky day, I was able to buy 6 NIB taiyo R/C models from the late eighties.
I went to the seller with the intention of buying 3 cars but then i didn't knew that he had some others he was trying to sell. In the end i went home with 8 cars, 6 NIB's, 1 used and 1 abused (that i got for free).
The red&black jet hopper was the R/C car that i really wanted when i was arround 13 or 14years old. But in the end i never got one, i got another car from nikko models (don't know what type it was, but will be looked after:-) )
The 2 mini hoppers are very cute and they are the smaller versions of the black jet hopper. And the jet fighter reminded me about the boomerang so i couldn't bring myself not to buy them aswell.
I think all these cars are worthed a bit of money, but i got them for a fair price.
For now i will post some group pictures, later on i will post them by modell.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures

If i was still 13, this would be R/C heaven to me




Lovely collection you found there. I actually had a similar taiyo car when i was 13. Remember the box said it could do 27 km/h. Oh the memories.



That Jet fighter is so a Boomerang clone! Even the decals look the same!

Well done to get all these from one seller is amazing!





Wow. What a nice find. I am envious.

Road Burner


Nice collection! I'm still on the hunt for my childhood favorite - the Tyco Head's Up.



Those Jet Fighters are awesome. That was a great find mate.



hi - i've been looking for a jet fighter!

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