Model: (Click to see more) 58081: Nissan King Cab
Status: Project
Date: 25-Nov-2010
Comments: 1
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Recently got this off ebay, paid more than i should of, but the deal's done now! Does need some new parts, chassis has a couple of cracks at the front, already ordered new A parts 'cos the wrong nuts had been used, splitting the plastic! Got some new wheels for it too, the tires that came with it are good. So now I have been through it, doesn't need TOO much, bearings are good, missing E parts. Diff looks OK, but I'll pick up new internal parts as a precaution. I'll probably add the Universal Driveshaft set and I know I'll need the TTC geartrain. Came with a Associated stock motor, not sure if that works yet either :)

Needs some work! Ready for cleaning etc Some new wheels... The tires that came with it Does it even work? :)

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