Model: (Click to see more) 56003: Flakpanzer Gepard (1/16)
Status: New built
Date: 10-Dec-2010
Comments: 6
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Had the opportunity to buy this beauty from a friend.I wanted one since I saw one in the Tamiya catalogue.If I can remember there was a young boy playing with this one on a little hill.It was oversized due to an optic ullision and I tought one day I will have one.This one is new and just miss the radar.Those very first range had the advantage to have full metal catterpillars.Genuine Japanese quality.The way I like it.




awesome, i always loved this kit.



A very fine looking machine indeed. I wanted this as kid too. I ended up getting a King Tiger in the end because thats what the store had in stock



I like tanks too but you have to make choices, thats why i hold it just by scale trucks!

pcw 064


I am also not much involved with war vehicles but just love the way tamiya realise every little detail.These are ingeneering masterpieces and objects I can look for hours.I am not collecting every tamiya or want serial numbers.I just try to have the one I really like.I looked those objects for hours in the beautifull tamiya guide and having those in my special Tamiya guest room is a great privilege that I didn't image even some years ago.Thanks for comments.



Very nice!



Nice condition tank my friend - I have one of these also that got as a boy - Im still trying to collect some missing parts for it as they tend to fall off easily so keep a close eye in those smoke launchers and it seems you have the very delicate door handles still in place - nice find well done and enjoy (mine sits on my desk and I'm always looking at it also - Fantastic looking model)

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