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Date: 13-Dec-2010
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Well, it's come and gone again.... the 2010 Vintage Enduro was held this past Sunday at the excellent Keilor track in Melbourne, Australia. This is the fourth year of the Enduro, but the first year to actually run on the Keilor track. Big thanks to them and the organising team for a great day!

In preparation (lol!) for the event, my team-mate Rob (Bullfrog) and I were undecided about what to run... we both had our no.1 cars (Schumacher Cougar2 and Kyosho Optima Mid Custom), but we toyed with the idea of running Kyosho Raiders... an idea that will now have to wait until next year.....

As usual, I was up late the night before, preparing..... and up early in the morning to madly run around like a cut snake trying to get things finished and packed. Off to the track, late as usual, and most people are already there, and all the good setup spots are taken. No matter, Rob and I set up a little bit back, and hurriedly got ourselved together.

Before you knew it, it was drivers briefing, then transponder test, and finally we were ready to race! I started for us (was my turn), so I took it relatively easily for the first lap... the car felt remarkably good, steered well, and seemed to handle pretty well. I crashed a few times, of course, as I'm no racer, but things weren't going so bad. Stopped to swap in another 3200 LiPo battery after about 15 minutes (started with a half-full one), and things were good for a little while longer.... but the track was dry and got pretty dusty, and my handling seemed to go away for a bit. Time to change over to Rob!

Rob set off driving, with his 4wd powering around the track and making it look easy, and I took up my place as marshall. Was a good time to enjoy the day for a bit... talk with the other marshalls, swap stories about vintage cars, give Rob some supportive cheers, and admire the lines that the racers were doing with their cars. Was amazing, with my lack of skills, to watch these guys hit the apex lap after lap, on even the furthest corners of the track... my hat goes off to them.

Rob swaps to a new battery and keeps going.... but after a while, there seems to be some sort of issue being reported.... the car is still lapping quite well.... but then a marshall reports that one of the front springs has fallen out! The car continues for a few more laps, then Rob brings it in and we change over. Taking the Cougar back out now, after everything has cooled off, and the track has dusted up..... and it's about here that the last little bit of talent I had ran out. Just could not get the car around the track.... any more than 1/4 throttle on a corner, and it's a slo-mo loop! Not being the best at picking tyres or setting up a car, I had no idea what to do next... Team Blind Bambi (no-eyed-deer!) strikes again!

I tried a few different tyre combinations, both front and rear.... but didn't seem to be able to find something that worked. In the end, with about +5 or +10 toe out on the car with still no ability to get around the track, I decided to change back to Rob. We tagged, and he went and fixed his front suspension and was back out again, cutting great laps and looking great, 4 rooster tails on every slow corner.... was great to watch! Cars were succumbing to the conditions all over the place, with cooked motors, blown diffs, and a lot of hinge pin disasters.... but surprisingly, by the end of the three hours, only two cars were not mobile, due to lack of spares....

And that's pretty much where it finished.... the outright race was won by an RC10, with the Tamiya (Hard Tail or entry level) class won by a Buggy Champ, amazingly.... that the BC also finished 5th outright was just a bonus!!!

Big thanks to Rob for putting up with me on the team... one day, I'll do what I've always threatened to do and run a 4wd..... one of these days.... thanks also to the organising team for the event, and also to the Panda Man aka Willy Chang for turning up with the camera cars again.... look forward to that video, Wills!!!

Two options for my race car... Cougar2 chosen... Day before paint scheme.... Lined up on the grid Rob's Optima Go for it Rob!!! Powahhhhhhhhh Shovel time!!! Buggy Champ wins class! I don't believe it....




Great pics mate .
Looks like you had a great weekend



Thanks mate.... apart from a lack of talent, it was a great event...



Nice story man... We are definitely looking forward to the video



Good on you Alex. Another stunning Schumacher from the stable yet again. AWESOME!



Nice work IC, although I really would have like to see the Turbo Raider in action as I enjoy how different all the 'non race spec type' bugs look.



Great story and pics!



Great write-up and sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing.

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