Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Project
Date: 14-Dec-2010
Comments: 7
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Finally got some good time off this past weekend. So I sat down all day Sunday and sripped and cleaned and reassembled the RC10 I purchased through a local listing. Hard to believe I gave only $50 for this thing. I bought the wheels and tire set off eBay. I decided to go with semi tread as this won't see much action, but maybe some road runs. I have a body I purchased off eBay as well. I believe it is made by Team Blue??? It has a under cover and the body mount to it with velcro, so there are noy body posts to give it a clean look. I will post it again when completed.




nice old piece of buggy history



Sweet looking RC10.



that'll probably be Team Bluegroove you mean

Tamiya King


Thas it. Thanks for the correction. They have very nice stuff. They sent me a wing and gear cover for free as well. I also got a driver for it as well that they make.



Dave, I see you found a nice RC10 like you were looking for. Really nice job and the white parts look new....perhaps they are! The original RC10 Viper body is still around if you want to go in that direction. Car is very clean, great job!



That RC10 cleaned up very nicely! $50 well spent!

Fernado Alonso


Wow very clean looking chassis
It will be a great looker on the shelf
Cheers Alex

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