Model: (Click to see more) 58443: M05 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Dec-2010
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Here is my M05pro racer. Have been racing this for a while now but only just bothered to take some photos. I was running it as SWB but just changed to MWB and added a new Swift body. It is running a Hobbywing 13T Ezrun system which is a spec system we use for racing. These systems are a bit faster than a sports tuned motor. Batteries are 4000mah Li-po’s.

The M05pro has a couple hop-ups standard such as the such as:
M-03R Aluminum Rear Uprights,
Aluminum Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver,
CVA Oil Damper Super Mini,
Short Springs for TRF Dampers,
Aluminum Ball Connectors,
Aluminum Ball Connector Nuts,
4mm Aluminum Flange Locknuts,
Hi-Torque Servo Saver.

I didn’t bother fitting the clear CVA shocks as from experience with my M03R they break very easily. I have fitted extra hop-ups, which include:
M chassis aluminium damper set,
Aluminium front damper stay,
M05 aluminium front upright,
TA03 ball diff (I tried the M05 ball diff but its crap),
M03 front CVD shafts,
M05 aluminium motor mount,
DF03 heat sinks,
Aluminium steering post,
Aluminium steering link,
Aluminium racing steering set,
Aluminium steering turnbuckle rod,
LW Aluminium battery holder.


Fernado Alonso


It must be a super fast little devil
Looking great with all the blue stuff on it
Cheers Alex



a looker!



Bling tastic. I sold my M05 and went back to a M03, as they seem faster. Had our Xmas oval meet yesterday running a 12T brushed motor. Was certainly hairy keeping it on the track lol

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