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Date: 21-Jan-2011
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Was having a bit of a sort out in the spare room so I thought I would take the opportunity to take a few snaps of some of my collection. So put together some of my old school re-re. I am just mad about the box art on these car's it is just fantastic!! I don't have the boxe's on show due to lack of room,so when they're taken out of storage it's a great buzz to see them up close,picture's just don't do them justice. As a kid on a saturday afternoon in keddie's(local department store,now long gone!) back then I would never in a million years thought I would be the proud owner of all these great models,just getting the hotshot was out of my reach! well as the saying goe's good things come to those who wait! even if it is 25 years.(but well worth it)




Lovely collection of 80's rc. Can't believe they have all been released what's next? Avante?



nice sir

rizzo rat


Nice set!



Super collection you have there.



Looking good! Quite an amazing chunk there is now of rere's into the first 100 cars, if you go through it is probably close to 15% now!



Sad to do this to the boxes,I know its a crime but how cool would it be if you could cut the tops and sides off and frame the front pictures and have them up in the front room with a light above them,yes the misses wouldnt like it ' but hey i own half the front room!!!(hope she dont read this !!!!) great set mate,cheers Mad-Bee.

purple nut


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Know what your saying there, would of loved all these as a kid but hey its worth the wait we're just all older big kids now!!!



I love the Re Releases, they give some of us a chance to get a car we otherwise might not be able to afford....And they look GREAT all pictured together.....!!

pcw 064


I love your story as it is probably the story of most of us.When I recieved my Grashopper back in 1986 it was such a big present that my parents said : this is for a whole year (the Fox was too expensive).I had a budget of abot 8000 BF (200 €) and this was a montain off money.I had to wait 2 years to recieve a Big Wig and this one was 16.000 BF (400 €) back in 1988.Imagine with the inflation.One thing is sure Tamiya is incredible cheap compare to common cost.I waited 2 years and put all my money for this two cars and never could immagine one day having almost all those I wanted.It's like an old dream that came true and everytime I enter my Tamiya room I still can't believe it..Great pics.Cheers



Thanks for all the comment's,@MAD-BEE totally with you mate,something Ive been thinking about doing myself,and hope to one day(with doubles!!)@davidr2007 was not that familiar with the Avante when I was younger a year or so after my time! but looks like a fantastic piece of engineering,must get one!!!



Very cool! It's awesome how you get the opportunity to relive it all but can afford it, second chances are what it's all about! Hope you can collect them all!



What a great collection! Don't you just love these box arts? Such a legendary cars!



Very nice pictures. I am with you, same feeling about now getting all those that we craved so much when we were teenagers. Life is so good!

mr alan


Nice pic!



Who could, back in the eighties, have guessed that our toys (..the´re not..) 30 years later would be up for sale again! This is an incredible hobby!

Fernado Alonso


Just like a lot of us the same nice story
I really like your collection have fun when you get them out the storage to look at them
Cheers Alex



Yes I know what you mean, I used to watch the Tamiya promo vids in the window display at Beatties in total awe. Now I own a small collection and love them all to bits, child hood dreams last forever however old you are; dreams come in boxes with a Tamiya logo on!

Retro rules!


Nice job mate. You summed up how most of us feel about our second chance to relive this hobby and these legendary cars.



Great comments, and has been said below, I feel excatly the same. The chance to own every single one of all of those kits, brand new & boxed, we used to drool over as kids has been something to treasure. And its not over yet with the Avante, and probably at least a few more, still to come. Nice photos.

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