Model: (Click to see more) 58489: Avante 2011
Status: NIB
Date: 2-Feb-2011
Comments: 6
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Two new release Avantes to go with my original. Excellent outer packaging by Stella, no damage to Box no 1, no damage to blisters thanks to some clever use of packaging. Suspect No 2 is exactly the same condition.




Nice to see they packed it very well (as they always do) mine is also ordered at stellamodels so i'm quite sure that it will reach me with intact blisters. Then i can leave it NIB otherwise i will build it. Not sure yet if i would buy a second one.



Congrats on the new addition.

Stella do pack well don't they? I can't wait for mine to arrive. I'm almost chomping at the bit!



Kit 1 blister behind motor is split, I guess I was so excited I did not notice.. Seems as though the blister is so thin that the weight of the motor is punching a hole. Still a very happy chappy though

al the mot man


An excellent craft



Apparently all of the 1st batch of Avantes has damages to the motor blister area,look like Tamiya forget to paste e stickers on the motor.



These are a nice looking buggy. I just picked up a 1:14 Tamiya Avante Quickdrive to go with the 1/32 scale Avante. Might have to get one of these to make the set!!

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